Switchmate is a device you snap over an existing light switch to make it controllable remotely. It connects to a smartphone via BLE and allows switching lights on and off both manually and automatically. We build the iOS and Android apps for this device.


Business type

Internet of Things, Home Automation


iOS/Android Development, UI/UX Design, Project Management

Product description

Switchmate lets a user control their home lighting from their phone through a do it yourself one-second installation. No tools, no wiring. The device communicates with a smartphone via the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Using the Switchmate app, a user can control their lights, make them turn on when the user arrives at home, install new firmware updates and do more.


  • Extremely tight deadlines
  • Expertise in Bluetooth and location services were required


  • A scalable architecture was designed for sustainable user base growth
  • New device types and communication channels will be easy to add in future
  • New functionality (Wi-Fi support and cloud integration) was introduced
  • Helping Firmware side investigating and suggesting fixes and improvements
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