Osmand is a mobile app for offline maps and navigation. It offers many useful features. In fact, there are so many of them that a user might want to quickly access only a few ones. The configurable Quick Actions button lets users access the features they find most important with a single tap.



It is a flexible menu of shortcuts providing direct access to whatever features you need to access most frequently. You just select and add them to this ‘toolbar’. In this way, the next time you need to add a new favorite, add a navigation destination, enable or disable voice guidance, etc.

These actions are now directly accessible. The quick action button can be added via the Configure screen menu. To add actions to the menu, please press ‘Add action’ right on its menu bar. To remove an action, go to Configure screen and tap the ‘Quick action’ menu, then remove any shortcuts not needed.

Project highlights

The main challenge was to figure out how integrate the new functionality into the product’s sophisticated architecture in the best possible way. We love working on open-source projects, but OsmAnd stands out among them as it is a very large-scale solution that we’re extremely enthusiastic to further develop and improve.

Tools used

Android SDK, Support Library

truly committed and driven when it comes to development and elegant solutions

Viktar Shcherb>
Viktar Shcherb
Founder and CEO, OsmAnd
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