Share your brightest lifetime moments with dearest people and closest friends. Momentorio is a mobile social platform for creating and exchanging Instagram-like stories. We created an Android app that features advanced video processing algorithms and social features to help users get interested in the content creation and consumption.


Momentorio brings the idea of Instagram-like video stories to a new level by suggesting a full-fledged service for crafting and sharing them.

User’s videos are all stored in one place and can be easily republished anywhere.

The platform lets customers record, edit and upload short videos to the cloud and then share them in social networks. Within the app, users can also explore, like and comment videos of other Momentorio users.


Momentorio allows users to explore 4 different feeds: the stories of other users they are already following, the most popular stories at the moment, popular debuts of newcomers and stories recommended by Momentorio based on used tags, likes, and hashtags.

When seeing a story in Momentorio, a user can launch it by swaying the phone. Proceeding to the next story is done through a simple swipe.

The service also allows private messaging, creating stories, editing user profile details and viewing other user profiles.

Project highlights

  • The video processing algorithms in Momentorio make the best use of the available device’s resources to make compression quick and unnoticeable
  • A few unique UX decisions were inspired by the feedback of a focus group of Instagram users fond of the stories concept and wanting to have a separate place for keeping them
  • Onboarding guide for newcomers helps them quickly get noticed after the first upload and obtain motivation to create even more stories to share

Tools used

Firebase SDK, Exo Player SDK, Camera2 API, ReactiveX, DataBinding, Dagger2, Timber

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