Kwippy is a selfie taking/sharing app that encourages users to be innovative, creative, witty, and humorous as they take fun and interesting selfies, post them to their social media accounts, build followers, follow others, comment on photos, and see what other users did for the “photo of the day.”


Business type

Startup, mobile social app


A turnkey project. UX/UI design, mobile app development, back end and front end development, quality assurance, technical support, product strategy, project management

Project description

Brainbean Apps was asked to build Kwippy from scratch. Initially, the client wanted the app to have a very limited set of features, but since then both of the parties have been suggesting a lot of new ideas for implementation. So the functionality has been gradually growing and the whole project has taken us 2+ years before the app hit the market. At the moment we’re working on the 2.0 version for the Android platform.


  • Complex and interesting multi-layered UI
  • The app works with a huge sets of images, so it is crucial to keep the performance on top at all times
  • Working with camera on the API level


  • This was our first time when we’ve used Kotlin. It proved itself as a way to develop apps faster if the team is comfortable with this language.
  • Proper application of the composition over inheritance principle showed its long-term benefits for the product.
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