IO16-inspired apps

Sometimes you just want to know the time when looking at your smartwatch. So we created a sleek watch face inspired by the countdown timer of Google’s I/O 2016 conference. And an Android TV app showing time in the same manner.

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IO16-inspired apps

No sparkles, no ponies and fairies. Just clear numbers to know the exact time.


This stylish simple and clear Android Wear Watch Face and Android TV daydream mode includes two simple and clean designs with dominating black and white colours made in the Google I/O visual style.

Project highlights

  • The project included the development of two products: the Android Wear watch face and the Android TV app.
  • The overall time spent on this side project didn’t exceed 50 hours. The biggest amount of time was dedicated to thinking over the animation algorithm.

Tools used

Support Wearable SDK

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