Hideez is a digital key for securing users’ devices and data. It requires a smartphone app for a setup, and we build an iOS app and extension for it. The solution offers wide functionality to end users, so making an app for it was both interesting and challenging.


Business type

Internet of Things, Wearables


iOS Development, UI implementation

Project description

Hideez positions as a user’s ‘only digital key’ that can be used for locking/unlocking their devices, storing credentials and keeping them physically separated from other devices, generating one-time passwords for two-factor authentication and more.

When the client approached us, they already had a program core and a framework managing the firmware behind Hideez keys. We were asked to create an iOS app for managing the keys and an iOS extension for managing login forms in the browser.


  • Creating an iOS app that would work with an SDK that has not yet been finished at the moment
  • Using Microsoft-owned Xamarin, a tool which has its own peculiarities if used for developing iOS apps


  • We have created a full-fledged iOS extension which enhances the functionality of the app and helps it interact with iOS and third-party apps
  • This project required us to use real devices for testing the developed functionality properly, so we have polished our quality assurance approach and now check our apps even more effectively and quickly
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