A real-time analytics tool for Gmail accounts. Visualize and analyze your productivity, or compare metrics and stats of your team members to identify top performers. Metrics gathered: number of sent/received emails, email traffic, average word counts, average response times and other.


Business type

Startup, productivity, data analysis

Project description

The client approached us after previous four web development teams had been unable to deliver the desired product.

The product works as a browser plugin that places an icon in the upper right corner of Gmail. This icon provides easy access to analytics and its settings, where a user can uninstall it or pay for it. The analytics part is customizable, allows setting up regular reports and sending them to specific emails.


  • The web app works with huge massive of data, so the process of loading them was required to be extremely optimized. We implemented background data loading through Gmail API in multiple flows

  • The whole project includes features that required creativity in their implementation. For instance, the app is also offered for teams, so it has personal and team accounts, and team members can be invited and removed from the team, which in turn may affect the total cost of the monthly payment, etc.

  • As per requirements, we delivered a coupon system that was required to work with Stripe coupons (which is a completely separate service)

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