Editing and sharing screenshots is pain in the neck on the smartphone. Cropperly offers a neat toolbox for screenshot taking and editing and saves images right to the cloud so that you could quickly share links to them and not the images itself.


Simple and useful screen recorder saving your device’s memory by using cloud storage. Full-fledged service to create screenshots from the screens of user’s phone and share these files with contacts sending only a link.

The app lets users capture, resize, edit with additional quick drawings and notes, upload screenshots to the cloud, share them in social networks, messengers or anywhere else.


Cropperly allows users to capture screenshots from the phone screen every moment of time. Markup created images with annotations and quick drawings, arrows, lines, and other shapes to highlight the important info.

Paste screenshots into different apps, social media, messengers and so on. It’s the fastest way to share your ideas and comments with folks!

Project highlights

Created for internal company needs and will be available at GooglePlay and Appstore soon!

Tools used

  • iOS: Swift, Firebase SDK, Facebook SDK, TwitterKit, Fabric
  • Android: Kotlin, Firebase SDK, ReactiveX, DataBinding, Dagger2, Glide, Timber
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