The app saves passengers from boredom and helps local businesses to promote their services. A bus, taxi or minicab driver chooses a route on their device and their passengers can enjoy videos with some short advertisement breaks on the tablets built into seat headrests.


Traveling should be fun. No matter what the aim of your trip is, while you are on your way, you would like to be entertained.


The project consists of three independent applications interacting with a web server: two driver’s apps (for iOS and Android phones) and the passenger’s app (for Android tablet). The driver’s apps allow them to set a destination point and track the current location of the vehicle. The passenger’s app is used to interact with travelers. The main function of the app is movie and music video playback, which might be interrupted every now and again by showing relevant ads. The relevancy of the ads depends on the current location and the departure/destination points of the vehicle.

Tools used

  • Xcode and Objective-C for the iOS application
  • Android Studio, Android SDK, Dagger2, ButterKnife, Realm and Otto Bus for the Android application
  • Retrofit, Gson, Picasso, Google Location API and Google Places API for the Google Geolocation API
  • Git for Fabric.
  • PHP7 and Lumen Framework for the API

… It’s been a pleasure working with Brainbean Apps. They’ve been thorough and professional throughout and have produced an excellent product for us. …

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Jevgenijs Fokins
Director, Cabin Media Limited
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