Build your next web/mobile app with a team of expert developers

We are full-cycle

We’re a team of around twenty young and passionate guys
and gals based in Kyiv, Ukraine and Tallinn, Estonia.

We believe modern-day mobile apps and smart devices reshape our lives. But it’s rarely done right due to lack of expertise. So we’re helping you to turn your ideas into reality, but also to bring experiences that amaze people with their intuitiveness, polishness and smoothness.


We are experts in

Android development
Android development
Android Studio / Gradle / RxJava / Dagger 2
iOS development
iOS development
Objective-C / Swift and lots of libraries
Web and full stack
Web and full stack
C++ / C# / Java / Angular / React / Xamarin
Wearables and Smart Home
Wearables and Smart Home
BLE for communication

Why work with us?

Because we care.

Many our clients underline that we treat their projects as ours. We indeed are eager to make it noticeable and successful. So you can count on our tips, suggestions and feedback.

We’re open to talk

You’ll get weekly updates on the progress, be able to contact your PM and developers for any arising questions and get access to the tools we use to manage projects.

We’re flexible

We review our development plans in a weekly manner. You increase or decrease the number of team members or amount of work if needed, and select the partnership model that suits you best.

We’re full cycle

We have experience in all stages of building a product: we’ll design, develop, test, publish, maintain and support your future app if needed. You can also ask us to come up with your product strategy.

Still have doubts?
How About a Hassle-free Trial?
Minimize any possible risks with a two-week trial work with us. If for any reasons you are not satisfied with our work, you can switch to another team without any obligations.

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