Testimonials from our clients

Alexey and his team at Brainbean Apps are absolutely phenomenal. They are excellent communicators, supremely talented in both web/app design and software development, but what strikes me the most is their own emotional investment in the development of their customers’ products. They seem to develop the products as though they are their own; not simply a business transaction for a faceless client.

Jayson DeMers
Jayson DeMers
Founder & CEO, AudienceBloom

It’s been a pleasure working with Brainbean Apps. They’ve been thorough and professional throughout and have produced an excellent product for us. No matter what has to be achieved, how important or massive a task is, Brainbean Apps team is always looking for the best solution. They’re big professionals in their area and there is no doubt we will work with them again in the nearest future.

Jevgenijs Fokins
Jevgenijs Fokins
Director, Cabin Media Limited

The team has provided reliable help with some of our most complex tasks. They are truly committed and driven when it comes to development and elegant solutions.

Viktar Shcherb
Viktar Shcherb
Founder and CEO, OsmAnd

Brainbean Apps have done a lot of great work for us. It was pretty tough since the requirements were always shifting, and there were many ad-hoc mini-tasks to do, but they managed to achieve all the goals we set out for them. They are hard working and knowledgeable. Many times I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they solved issues that seemed difficult. Would definitely work with them again.

Lucian Ionita

Brainbean has helped our team develop a mobile app whose quality is comparable to apps developed by top tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft!

Liam W
S.S., Inc.

Brainbean Apps helped out with a challenging project – overcoming some roadblocks that would stump other developers. Good communications and a professional attitude – recommended.

Mark Sutheran
Founder, Clickdrive
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