Our Team

Our team

Company Mission.

Building digital products for a brighter, better tomorrow.

Company Vision

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    Building a successful, hitting-the-spot product requires a perfect strategy to be built right and in time. Brainbean Apps makes every product with such strategy in mind.

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    We take on only the projects we believe in. That’s why our team members keep themselves inspired: it is always extra exciting to work on game-changing and industry-disruptive solutions that might change the world.

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    Going an extra mile.

    Brainbean Apps is not just a bunch of developers doing what they are told to. Together with our project managers, designers and marketers we’ll do everything we can to help our clients make the best out of their ideas.

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    Through reigniting enthusiasm, passion and creativity in our employees we redefine the way perfect and trusted partnership should be established.

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  • Alex Korsun

    Android Engineer
  • Andrew Kaganets

    Android Engineer
  • Denys Prykhodko

    Android Engineer
  • Viacheslav Burchenko

    Android Engineer
  • Dmitriy Shulzhenko

    iOS Engineer
  • Dmytro Romanov

    iOS Engineer
  • Eugene Aronov

    iOS Engineer
  • Igor Dorogokuplia

    iOS Engineer
  • Andrey Soltan

    Front-End Engineer
  • Ruslan Terekhov

    Back-end Engineer
  • Yuriy Kryvokhyzha

    Back-end Engineer
  • Valerii Derevshchykov

    Front-end Developer
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  • Alexey Pelykh

    CEO & CTO
  • Bogdan Paiuk

    Lead Project Manager
  • Kate Korolevych

    Project Manager
  • Dmytro Ryashchenko

  • Luka Guzenko

    UX/UI designer
  • Roma Zhelizniak

    Quality Assurance
  • Nikolay Dokuchaiev

    Quality Assurance
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  • Svitlana Sergiichuk

  • Andrew Yemelyanov

    Business Development Manager
  • Kate Levshyna

    Business Development Manager
  • Natalia Gryazeva

    Market Researcher
  • Nata Datsenko

  • Max Sushchuk

    Content Director
  • Daria Kroshka

    Project Manager
  • Anastasia Lushyna

    Content Manager
  • Eugenia Nemkova

    Marketing Manager
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