Wearables App Development

Software Development for Wearables

Empower your wearable device with proper software

What we do


Get a reliable and secure firmware that will ensure your wearable collects and processes necessary data as needed.

Companion Apps

If your wearable device is expected to pair and work with smartphones, you’ll need apps for those.

Smooth Connectivity

Most wearables have problems with web connection and smartphone pairing. We know how to fix them.

We Work with any Kind of Wearables

Smart watches
Fitness trackers
Smart glasses
AR/VR devices
GPS devices
Fashion accessories
Smart clothes
Health monitors
Smart Wallets

Wearables is Our Area of Expertise

Wearables require specific knowledge and skills to get the right software for the first time.

Wearables often have small or no display, which puts higher requirements on the usability of the software.

This relates both to software used directly on a wearable and to companion apps on smartphones aimed to helps users get used to the device.


Limited hardware compatibility of wearables is something designers, developers and testers need to keep in mind constantly.

This is the only way to ensure smooth user experience and avoid any possible lags and freezes of the device.


The way your device communicates with the outer world defines its reliability. Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE, etc. — which is the best in your case?

We’ll help you evaluate all options and pick the best one.

Enhance your product with top-notch security

Software for wearables often requires additional protection from prying eyes and culprits. We know how to do that right.
  • Device hardening
  • Software resilience
  • Continuous monitoring
  • CIA Triad protection
  • Message encryption

If you need military-grade protection of data your device is going to process, we have a number of proven techniques we will apply to enhance the firmware security.

  • Transport layer security
  • Authentication server
  • User authorization
  • Data validation
  • Secured booting

Our Approach

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