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for Web, Mobile and IoT

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Brainbean Apps:
100% Full-Cycle Agency

Development from A to Z

Our software development services include project management, product strategy insights, UI/UX design, development and QA.

App Store Deployment

We will provide all necessary assets and make sure your app will be approved by Apple/Google and hit the app stores.

Agile Project Management

For productive software development, we follow Scrum, a highly advanced paradigm of flexible project management that helps build product quickly yet thoroughly.


Learn More About Our Specializations

Android App Development
iOS App Development
Firmware Development for IoT
App Development for Wearables
Bluetooth Enabling Technologies
Web Frontend and Backend Development
Software for Android TV & Auto
App Development for Apple TV

How We Deliver

Reactive programming (Android)
VIPER design pattern (iOS)
MVVM architectural pattern
SOLID design principles
Microservices architecture
Continuous integration
Continuous Delivery

Industry Expertise

We’ve gathered insights and experience that helps us be more efficient in software development and provide you with timely advice on product strategy if your app relates to these industries:
IoT and Home automation

Mobile companion apps, extensions, widgets and maintenance utilities for internet-connected and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Socialization & Lifestyle

News feed, personal timeline, likes, reactions, comments, shares, internal messenger, notifications, groups, pages and analytics for businesses and more.

HoReCa and Hospitality

Digital menus, payment processing, table ordering, kitchen management, apps for waiters’ handhelds and more.

Our Approach

Learn more about every aspect of our development process:
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