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Make sure not a single bug is left in
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When You Need Quality Assurance

  • you have a sophisticated product with a lot of features
  • you plan to roll out regular updates and releases
  • you expect quick growth of product’s user base
  • your business’s reputation depends on the product’s reliability
  • you need smooth user experience and high performance
  • your product needs to be compatible with as many devices as possible

Types of Quality Assurance We Perform

Smoke testing

Performed 3+ times during one iteration, it defines the build stability and gives a green light for executing other testing activities.

Functional testing

Ensures different system parts operate in accordance to defined and approved set of requirements.

Integration testing

Required when the product is expected to be integrated with some other software or is a part of a bigger ecosystem.

System testing

Validates that all system modules (after they have successfully passed functional testing) are acting as a system.

Regression testing

Ensures previously developed and tested modules and functions are stable after code changes and ready for demonstration.

UI testing

Validates each screen, page and UI element against general usability aspects as well as the mockups (initially agreed with you).

Compatibility testing

Evaluates implemented solution's UI compatibility with the platforms different from the main platform.

Performance testing

Measures, validates and verifies system quality attributes such as reliability, resource usage, ability to handle exceptional cases it is planned to perform.

Load/Stress testing

Executed to ensure implemented solution is able to handle planned load and has resources to handle load even higher than requested.

Endurance testing

Determines if the system can continuously sustain the expected load. Also detects possible memory leaks, performance degradation, etc.

Documentation testing

Validate all created solution documents and check if created documents are complete, clear, unambiguous, etc.

Acceptance testing

Executed to evaluate the system's compliance with the business requirements. Helps assess if it’s ready for delivery.

Advantages of our QA department


Our documentation strategy includes writing mind maps, test scenarios and various test reports.

Perfected Flow

We have a polished test strategy that we stick to in every QA activity we do.

Contact us to learn how we can apply it to your product.


We have resources to quickly scale QA activities in case big release is coming and vice versa.

Areas of our QA expertise

Internet of Things

IoT solutions often require QA specialists not only to test the end-user interfaces, but also the business logic implementation on the backend, the firmware performance and more.


Smartphone applications usually need to be checked on many devices with various hardware and screen sizes. It’s also important to ensure design responsiveness and usability.

Consumer Electronics

Mobile companions for electronic devices often appear to be the main point of contact for your users. QA helps make sure users will be pleased interacting with both the app and the device.

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We ignite creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration in our guys to build products that not just work, but fascinate, in all senses.

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