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Software Development for Bluetooth-enabled Devices & Accessories

Enable top performance for your device using Bluetooth.

Supplement Your Product With First-Class Software

Bluetooth Firmware

Whether you need to develop a firmware from scratch or configure/customize an already existing version of it for proper Bluetooth communication with an app or third-party service, we’re here to help.


Users often base their opinion on the device based on their experience with the companion app. We’ll make sure it offers a modern interface and smooth and intuitive user experience.

Bluetooth API

If you want third-party developers to build apps that are able to communicate with your device through Bluetooth, you’ll need to provide them with an API that will act as a middleware. We can make it for you.

Top 3 Industries We Have Most Experience In

Consumer Electronics
Toys & Entertainment
Sports and Health
Smart Home
Thermostats and HVAC
Connected Lightning
Home Security
Industrial IoT
Industrial Sensors
Access Control Systems
Tracking Devices

Brainbean Apps Experts Work With Every Version of Bluetooth

Bluetooth Classic 5.0

Bluetooth is great for most consumer products that need stable connection for regular and quick data transmission. For instance, Bluetooth works best for headsets, speakers, gamepads, home electronics, automotive etc., not mentioning it availability on every phone and most laptops.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy fits best when energy consumption is critical for long-term work and the distance from your device to the receiver is expected to be short. BLE is used by wearables, iBeacon- compatible transmitters, sensors and other devices.

Bluetooth Mesh

Based on BLE, it allows many-to-many communication between devices. This is important for smart homes and enterprises, where multiple Bluetooth devices can work as repeaters to improve signal strength and interact with each other to provide better analytics.

Take Advantage of The Latest and Proven Technologies and Methodologies with Brainbean Apps

  • Multifactor authentication
  • AES-CCM cryptography
  • Device management
Energy Efficiency
  • Sessional/Permanent connections
  • Burst transmissions
  • Timeout addressing
  • Data routing
  • QoS mechanisms
  • Edge device compatibility
  • Fog computing
  • Automatic presetting
  • C/C++ programming
  • Driver development
  • Update/Restore algorithms
Top Tools
  • Nordic board
  • DFU library
  • nrfjprog

Our Approach

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