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An Android app reveals your product or service to 80+% of all smartphone users.
You want it to shine and amaze from the very first public release.
We’ll help you with that and more.

Our Approaches to Android Development

ic/wearables_reactive coding

The asynchronous programming paradigm for building smooth and responsive applications.


We follow these five design principles to write better and more robust code that is easy to maintain and extend.


An advanced architectural approach that’s highly beneficial in terms of development productivity.

Brainbean Apps:
100% Full-Cycle Agency

Development from A to Z

If needed, we’ll help you with project management, product strategy, UI/UX design, development and testing.

App Store Deployment

We can also help you submit your app to Google Play, provide all required descriptions, icons, assets etc.

We follow Agile

Our project managers are experts in Scrum, one of the most popular Agile frameworks for managing complex development projects.

Industry Expertise

We’ve gathered insights and experience that helps us be more efficient in software development and provide you with timely advice on product strategy if your app relates to these industries:
IoT and Home automation

Android companion apps, extensions, widgets and maintenance utilities for internet-connected and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Socialization & Lifestyle

News feed, personal timeline, likes, reactions, comments, shares, internal messenger, notifications, groups, pages and analytics for businesses and more.

HoReCa and Hospitality

Digital menus, payment processing, table ordering, kitchen management, apps for waiters’ handhelds and more.

Three Top Problems of Android Development

...And how Brainbean Apps addresses them

Device fragmentation


Android devices come in many different screen sizes, configurations and software possibilities. You want to reach as many users as possible, but creating a widely compatible app is a resource-consuming challenge.

Our solution

We’ll help you analyze the market data and find out which devices are most popular among your audience. Then our QAs will make sure the app runs smoothly on them (possibly using combinatorial testing).

Many OS versions


Despite the latest release of Oreo 8.0, almost one third of Android smartphone owners use Lollipop 5.x, requiring developers to build apps supported by an outdated systems.

Our solution

Your app will check the system version when launched to execute the parts of its code that fit best for it. We may also create different installers for different versions of Android OS.

Security issues


Google Play is flooded with malware, trojans and viruses. Every month enthusiasts find new flaws in the Android OS. Even if they are fixed quickly, most users don’t update their phones leaving them vulnerable for culprits.

Our solution

We’ll implement input validation, secure authentication, strong passwords and dozens other features to ensure additional security and privacy of your Android app and let it successfully pass penetration tests.

Unlimited Possibilities

Payment Processing
Location based services
Image Processing
Video & Audio
In-app purchases
Third Party SDK
Hardware Integrations
Backup & Restore
Cloud Messaging
Social Media


Android SDK
Architecture Components
RxJava 2
Dagger 2
Data Binding

Google Play Services

Google AdMob
Google AdMob
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Nearby
Google Nearby
Google Maps API
Google Maps API
Google Pay API
Google Pay API
Google Place API
Google Place API
Google Geofence API
Google Geofence API

SDKs and APIs

Estimote SDK
Firebase SDK
Facebook SDK
Wearable API
Fabric SDK
Dropbox SDK
Parse SDK
Foursquare API
Android TV API

The Android Team at Branbean Apps

Alex Korsun
Android Engineer
Andrew Kaganets
Android Engineer
Denys Prykhodko
Android Engineer
Viacheslav Burchenko
Android Engineer

Our Approach

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