The First Modular IoT Platform
for Consumer Electronics

Introducing the fastest way to get all the software
you need for your electronic device
Firmware on your device
Cloud gateway
App Backend
Optional modules
Business insights for you
Apps for your users
Modern UI
Consinstent UX

Offering an electronics device?

We’ll build apps for your users and deliver usage insights for your business.

Benefit From More Data.
Surprise With More Value.

After three years of developing software for various consumer electronics startups and established businesses, we’ve managed to come up with a modular solution that allows you to:
get a first version of a perfectly working software platform for your consumer device within weeks, not months, and thus gain faster ROI.
% оf startups failing due to slow development
Cost issues 0%
Late launch 0%
% of startups failing due to wrong product design
0% Getting outcompeted
0% Making a poor product
increase chance to succeed with your device on your market thanks to the top-of-the-line user experience that will help your product stand out and get noticed.
ensure growth sustainability by using an established and tested software platform. Bring more value with more business insights.
% of startups failing due to imperfect product strategy
No proper business model 0%
Poor vision and focus 0%

Unlock the full potential of your deviсe with a proof-tested platform for consumer electronics.

Built-in Modules
Ready to Empower Your Device

Reliable data exchange between your device and phones through Bluetooth LE or Wi-Fi
Data Dashboard
Stats gathering and usage analytics for better understanding of your audience’s habits and behaviour
Support for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, wearables, etc.
Firmware Processor
If you plan to update your device’s firmware, this module will ensure it is always done properly
Let users seamlessly share data insights in social media and give other users access to their devices
Open API and SDK
Offer third-party developers to build integrations with your device through open APIs and SDKs
Extra Security
We have a long list of security enhancements we apply to protect your and user data
Push Notifications
Let your users know about unusual events, collected data or simple device management tips via mobile alerts
Recovery Tool
Whatever may happen with your device, it’ll always be able to factory reset itself
Control Center
Let users manage all smart devices you offer with a single companion application
Online Store
Help users get even more of your products with customized built-in retail experience
Cloud Storage
Keep the data collected by your devices in the cloud to let users access it anywhere
Select and pay only for the modules you require.

Additional Features To Help Your Device
Stand Out and Impress

Quick Setup

If your device requires initial setup, the companion app (or the firmware) may include a simple guide to help users perform it in a few quick actions.

Interactive Tutorial

Some devices are overburdened with features. Interactive animated tips in the companion app let users figure them out in the quickest way possible.

Battery Indication

To avoid annoying situations when the device gets out of work due to low battery, a smartphone app can send notifications when it’s time for a recharge.

Log Submission

Automatic log sending helps your technical support engineers to find and fix problems more quickly when talking to customers and thus increase their satisfaction.

Helpdesk Integration

If your engineers work with Helpdesk, we’ll make a special plug-in for it that will exchange data with the companion apps.

Messenger Chatbot

A chatbot can also be an addition to your companion app, send important notifications to the user’s messenger and get simple text commands from them.

Google Fit and Apple Health Integration

If your device helps users to be healthy, they may want to have the data collected by your device also stored in the Google Fit/Apple Health apps.

NEW! Machine Learning

Since many of our devices accompany us in our everyday lives, they may also forecast our desires and expectations.

  • A thermostat that adjusts the temperature automatically.
  • A kettle that keeps the water hot in the morning, because you usually drink two cups of coffee within an hour.
  • A fitness app that help you stay fit with timely reminders.
To make this behaviour purely personalized, we can apply machine learning mechanisms.
More features can be implemented additionally according to your request.

How Does It Work

Requirements analysis
Requirements analysis

Since every product is unique, the software platform for your device will also need to have unique features and characteristics. So first we decide on the scope of work, deadlines and product requirements.

Design and development
Design and development

Our team will design UX and UI that will be in line with your brand book and requirements, implement all the necessary features and ensure perfect app<->device compatibility

Extensive Testing
Extensive Testing

We’ll make sure the customized version of our platform works as intended and addresses all the possible goals and tasks you want to achieve and execute using it.

Built-in Sustainability
Built-in Sustainability

Unlike in the case with development from scratch, you won’t need to rewrite the first versions of the platform later just to make sure it scalable or expandable. Our platform is designed for sustainability from the very first line of code.

Platform Growth
Platform Growth

At this point we agree on further product strategy and work according to it. Whether you need to keep improving your variant of the platform or simply perform regular system optimization, we’ll be always here to help you out.

Support and Maintenance
Support and Maintenance

Along with constant improvements of the platform according to your needs, we will also provide technical support and, if needed, perform staff training for the most effective use of the solution.

Who’s Behind It

Brainbean Apps is a software development company focused on building firmware and software for consumer electronics and IoT.

We know the problems clients face when they want to offer companion apps and need to have business analytics for their consumer electronics devices. So we came up with a modular solution for quick assembling and easy design customization.

After using it for a few times with our clients, we’re now introducing it as a standalone service.

Talk to us to learn more details
specific to your project!
Hey, I’m Kate with Brainbean Apps. So you consider having a software platform for your device, right?
We’ll provide product strategy consultations
and evaluate the scope of work for your device for free.