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Top 7 IoT Events For 2019

Top 7 IoT Events For 2019

If you want to promote your product or establish new business partnerships, exhibitions and conferences are often the best way to do that. Our sales team decided to share the most respected and crowded IoT events of 2019 they handpicked to consider visiting them. One’s already on our list; and how many of them will you visit?

IoT Events to Visit in 2019

The events described below are arranged in ascending order according to their popularity. Here’s also their list sorted by the date:

Event Date
CES January 8-11,2019
IoT Evolution Expo January 29 – February 1, 2019
MWC Barcelona February 25-28, 2019
The Industry of Things World USA March 7-8, 2019
IoT Tech Expo Global April 25-26, 2019
Internet of Things World May 13-16, 2019
LiveWorx June 10-13, 2019

1. The Industry of Things World USA

IoT World USA

The Industry of Things World USA is the leading industrial IoT event. This conference is pretty young — in 2019 it will be held only for the 4th time. The event is focused on the influence of the industrial IoT on the production processes and business models. All major industries are covered! The coming conference is going to be devoted to the following topics: interoperability and secure systems, artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, edge computing, and so on.

At the moment, the list of speakers includes only a few experts, but of them will be announced soon. If you want, you can also apply as a speaker. In any case, The Industry of Things World USA gives you a nice opportunity to learn about new technologies, expand your knowledge, see the latest product releases, and establish new relationships. Besides, the event’s program includes a so-called Icebreaker Session — it takes place before the event starts, and implies sharing ideas and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

When? March 7-8, 2019

Where? San Diego, CA, USA

Why attend?

  • More than 80 speakers
  • Over 60 sessions
  • Over 40 case studies

Sure, The Industry of Things World USA can’t boast an extremely large number of attendees — 500 visitors don’t look that impressive. But the fact that 69% of attendees have more than 1 million budgets gives you a great opportunity to find new partners and establish fruitful cooperation. Or, if you’re a startup owner, you may find new investors for your project.

2. IoT Evolution Expo

IoT World USA

According to the statement provided at the event’s website, IoT Evolution Expo is “the only event covering all of the important things”. Well, let’s see what they cover: industrial IoT, IoT healthcare, smart cities, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and related technologies, security, data analytics, etc. Looks pretty well!

Another cool thing is that if you attend all the Industrial IoT sessions, you will get a Certification of Specialization in Industrial IoT. The same rule applies to the Iot Evolution Health, IoT at the Edge Workshop, Smart City Event, IoT Blockchain Workshop, IoT Strategies, and LPWAN Expo sessions. The registration is already open, and there are even free passes offered. As usual, you can also apply as a speaker.

When? January 29 — February 1, 2019

Where? Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Why attend?

  • Over 4,000 attendees
  • More than 750 companies
  • Over 50 exhibitors
  • Representatives from over 90 countries
  • 92% of attendees have budgets of 250,000 dollars or more (for IoT solutions per year)
  • Free passes are available
  • You can get a certificate of specialization if you attend all the sessions devoted to a particular topic

IoT Evolution Expo really covers a lot of important things, and the fact that 45% of attendees are vice presidents and other authoritative people gives you a good chance to find business or software partners, investors, and clients there.

3. LiveWorx

IoT World USA

LiveWorx promises you “the best technical education to transform your career”, and, actually, they do their best to fulfill this promise. At LiveWorx you can join more than 6,000 tech innovators and discover a lot of interesting details about the latest digital technologies.

The program of the event is still under development (as of November 2018), but the registration is already open. You can also apply as a speaker and share your vision and ideas!

If public speaking is not something you want to do, feel free to experience diverse sessions and training — they will provide you with loads of information and help you to gain new skills. Besides, you will get a great opportunity to find potential clients and partners.

LiveWorx has accounts on several social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. So if you are interested in this event, we recommend you to follow at least one of them — this little trick will help you not to miss all the updates regarding the coming event.

When? June 10-13, 2019

Where? Boston, MA, USA

Why attend?

  • Representatives from over 70 countries
  • Over 50% of attendees prefer to conduct business with businesses they met at LiveWorx
  • Over 9,500 attendees (both in-person and livestreaming)
  • More than 300 speakers
  • Over 230 sessions
  • LiveWorx gathers the leading companies under one roof: Microsoft, Google, and even NASA!

Attending LiveWorx is a good chance to boost your business development. By the way, if you need a visa to attend the event, organizers of LiveWorx are ready to help — there is a special form available on their website which you can fill in order to request a visa invitation letter.

4. Internet of Things World

IoT World

Internet of Things World is a global conference which gathers together developers, technologists, strategists, and implementers. Obviously, the entire event is devoted to the IoT topic — that’s pretty clear from the event’s name. The conference covers such topics as industrial IoT, smart cities, smart homes, smart buildings, artificial intelligence, and many others. The list of speakers is not available yet, but you can already send your application in case you would like to become one of them. The registration is also already open.

Internet of Things World offers several types of passes. And one of them is free! Its features are pretty limited, but getting it can be a good idea if you are going to experience the event only as a visitor. For instance, having such a pass, you will be able to attend insider sessions and check certain stages. In turn, the conference pass is a way to go in case you are thinking about a deeper involvement into the event. By the way, group bookings are offered with discounts.

When? May 13-16, 2019

Where? Santa Clara, CA, USA

Why attend?

  • Over 12,000 IoT professionals
  • More than 300 exhibitors and startups
  • Over 450 speakers
  • More than 150 sessions
  • Internet of Things World offers a free expo pass

With such a huge number of attendees and speakers, Internet of Things World offers a great chance to meet right people and, probably, even find new clients. That’s especially important in case your company is a startup and needs a boost.

5. IoT Tech Expo Global

IoT World

IoT Tech Expo Global positions itself as a leading global IoT conference, and, to be honest, it has the right to claim this status. Key topics of the conference include smart building and facility management, intelligent city and transport management, smart product delivery, asset monitoring and management, and many others. In turn, the IoT conference tracks are connected industry, connected enterprise, connected transportation, data analytics for IoT and AI, IoT innovations and technologies, and some others.

The list of speakers also looks impressive — at IoT Tech Expo Global you will be able to listen to experts from Cisco, Centrica Innovations, Digital Greenwich, and others. More speakers are to be announced. The registration is already open. You can either register as a visitor, or get involved to introduce your business to the attendees.

IoT Tech Expo Global offers several types of passes, so you will easily find the one that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Free passes are also available, but, obviously, they include the most limited set of features. Group booking discounts are offered as well.

When? April 25-26, 2019

Where? London, the UK

Why attend?

  • Over 12,000 attendees
  • More than 500 speakers
  • Over 300 exhibitors
  • Representatives from over 80 countries
  • 24 conference tracks
  • Free passes are available

IoT Tech Expo Global is among the biggest Iot events, so it can give you plenty of cool opportunities. Apart from gaining knowledge, you will be able to present your startup (and, probably, attract investors and clients!), showcase an already developed brand, introduce your products, and expand your professional network.

6. MWC Barcelona

IoT World

MWC stands for Mobile World Congress, and it is considered to be the largest mobile event in the entire world. Here you can learn something new about the latest innovations, check GSMA seminars, attend diverse summits, and experience different partner-led programs. As usual, you can attend the event not only as a visitor — you can also participate as a sponsor or take part in the exhibition itself. These opportunities are a great chance to introduce your brand and products and share your vision.

Among the themes of the coming event are digital wellness, artificial intelligence, digital trust, connectivity, and other interesting topics. The first speakers are already announced — for instance, you will be able to listen to Cher Wang (founder and CEO of HTC) and Rich Williams (CEO of Groupon). And even more announcements are coming!

When? February 25-28, 2019

Where? Barcelona, Spain

Why attend?

  • Over 107,000 attendees
  • More than 2,200 leading companies
  • Over 3,500 press and media representatives
  • MWC Barcelona allows media advertising, so you will be able to introduce your brand even in case you don’t take part in the exhibition

In general, MWC Barcelona is an amazing opportunity for your business to grow. But even if you attend the event only as a visitor, you will be able to expand your professional network significantly.

7. CES

IoT World

CES is an undeniable leader of our list — just take a look at the statistics below! The number of attendees, speakers, and representatives of media is just enormous. Besides, the event covers a great variety of topics: 5G and IoT, product design and manufacturing, robotics and machine intelligence, AR and VR, self-driving cars, blockchain, sports technology, and so on.

The registration is already open.

Thanks to its popularity, CES is a great chance to establish new professional relationships, so don’t miss it. Besides, attending sessions and listening to speakers, you will gain a lot of knowledge and expertise.

When? January 8-11, 2019

Where? Las Vegas, NV, USA

Why attend?

  • Over 182,000 attendees in 2018
  • More than 4,400 exhibiting companies in 2018
  • 1,000 speakers in 2018
  • Representatives from over 160 countries, regions, and territories in 2018
  • Over 6,600 members of media in 2018
  • After CES, the number of company’s social media followers increases on average by 45%
  • Over 300 sessions are planned for CES 2019

And here is the factor which makes CES 2019 a bit more special than the other events of this kind — we will be there. For us, CES 2019 is an amazing opportunity to discover the latest news of the IoT world, and meet other professionals and enthusiasts. Yes, exactly, we are looking forward to meeting you. If you have the same thoughts, schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll talk in January!

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