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How to Choose the Right Software Partner for Consumer Electronics

How to Choose the Right Software Partner for Consumer Electronics

Very often, the role of consumer electronics software is largely underestimated. In smart home industry where so much attention is paid at creative design and innovativeness, companies often forget what really makes a device “smart”. The truth is that in the heart of every successful smart home appliance lays a well-thought software which controls its functionality. In 2021, the market for embedded software is estimated to reach nearly $221 billion, which can be explained by the development of connected home devices and new Internet of Things applications.

As the demand for a high-quality software growth, the market becomes oversaturated with outsourcing companies and vendors from all around the world. While choosing the best option for your company, you will be looking through hundreds, if not thousands, of IT outsourcing companies. Most of them will have positive customer feedbacks, great portfolios and serious expertise in software development. Finding the right software partner in such a competitive environment is not an easy task. The stakes are high and mistakes can often cost your company a good reputation and, most importantly, clients.

Remember that your IT partner will be responsible for developing one of the key elements in your smart appliance advanced architecture, that is a high-quality software. Poorly documented code or program errors can lead to disastrous consequences. Software bugs, especially if detected on late stages, can cause serious delays in production and significant financial losses for your company. An experienced outsourcing team which often includes various industry experts can help your company to come up with effective solutions to emerging tech-related issues and cope with them in a timely manner.

Despite the difficulties of choosing, outsourcing smart device software remains the main choice for most consumer electronics providers. It is an important decision which is often associated with a number of questions and uncertainties. To avoid problems, spend enough time outlining a clear criteria for future software partner selection. The criteria often depend on a type of smart home device you are working on, as well as a number of other important factors. Most connected home providers also consider pricing, tech expertise and location when choosing an IT partner. So how to find a perfect outsourcing team? There are some aspects to consider when searching for the right software partner for your business.

1. Cooperation model matters

Nowadays, apart from software developers, many outsourcing vendors have professional project managers, business analysts, marketing specialists and designers in place to make sure that your product stands out on the market. The level of vendor’s involvement in developmental processes will depend on the cooperation model that you will choose. Depending on the model you choose, you can only get a software or a ready-made product with a well-thought architecture. In case you decide to go for a turn-key solution model, you will always have an international team of experts from different fields who are ready to help you with possible organizational issues.

2. Effective evaluation

Many smart home companies, especially those that have recently entered the market, can not effectively evaluate the amount of time, number of employees and types of qualifications needed in order to perform certain tasks. An experienced outsourcing team will help you to make a detailed evaluation of your project needs and offered realistic rates in terms of price, time, human resources and schedules.

3. Responsibility is everything

It is important that the software partner you decided to collaborate with has an ability to perform tasks within given time frames. In case your potential vendor fails to meet the deadlines during a trial period, it is a good idea to think about changing a partner. Clearly communicate your needs and expectations to your vendor and make sure that the outsourcing team follows the deadlines and requirements.


4. Experience in going smart

Smart consumer electronics is a relatively new industry. Thus, make sure that potential vendors have a good understanding of a smart device development process and issues that may arise. Pay a special attention at company’s previous experience, tech expertise and portfolio. In best case scenario, an outsourcing company you consider working with has an experience of developing software for smart home devices or the Internet of Things.

The Difficulties of Choosing

Searching for a right software partner can be an interesting journey. You will be dealing with a great number of people and offers from all around the world. But where do you search for a perfect outsourcing match? We also have a few ideas on that.

1. Vendor catalogues

There is a huge number of websites, such as Featured Customers, GoodFirms, or Clutch, which offer an extensive list of IT outsourcing companies worldwide. Vendor directories can save you a lot of time by providing a possibility to evaluate customer feedback and review services that potential providers offer. You can also use a variety of filters (location, services, industry specification, scale) to craft your search and focus on companies that fit your preferences.

What is more, well-known business websites only list trustworthy vendors that managed to verify their credibility on the IT market. For example, Clutch directly contacts company’s clients for feedbacks. Thus, all information that you can find on their website can be trusted.

2. World of mouth

World of mouth is still considered to be one of the most effective ways of finding a professional software partner. Outsourcing IT companies with a proven reputation and a number of successful projects in their portfolio are actively discussed in tech circles. Ask for recommendations from your partners who also deal with IT and outsourcing. It might be a good idea to look through feedbacks left on vendor’s social media pages. Facebook can tell a lot about your potential partner’s qualifications and experiences.

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Wrapping Up

A well-skilled team of software developers not only ensures smart appliance’s functionality but also focuses on your business goals and objectives. Choosing the right software partner often feels like going on razor’s edge. Do it right, and software outsourcing will help your company to optimize a number of processes and reach greater flexibility. Do it wrong, and your company can end up losing reputation, loyal clients and partners. So choose a software partner wisely!

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