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Checklist for smart home industry: finding and choosing software development partner

Checklist for smart home industry: finding and choosing software development partner

Modern smart home appliances are incredibly complex. The most sophisticated pieces combine innovative design, smart interface and advanced functionality in order to deliver the best customer experience and stand out on a highly competitive market. In reality, the “smartieness” of your home device to a high degree depends on smart home software. Choosing an outsourcing team to write millions of software code lines that will eventually bring your appliance into life is not an easy task.

In our new article, we will share some useful insights on how to select a new software partner and make sure you get a perfect software for your smart device.

Software partner for smart devices

Software partner for smart devices

First of all, remember that outsourcing is not a “magic bullet” that will solve all product-related issues at once. It is often associated with increased risk and uncertainty related to provider search and software quality. What is more, that not all type of work can be outsourced. For example, company’s core value services should stay in-house.

At the same time, embedded software has become one of the most important elements in smart devices design. Letting professional software development team handle this complex task can be the best possible decision made by your company. Outsourcing software design has a number of crucial benefits over in-house development.

Cost-efficient approach

Outsourcing companies normally offer lower rates than local software developers. The modern world economy is characterised by a growing inequality between countries.

Countries by household income

Countries by household income

Widening economic gaps between nations help to find a software development partner with the most optimal ratio of professionalism / cost of services. In most cases, you will be able to set your own rates based on country your provider works from and type of work you would like to be performed. Moreover, outsourcing minimizes costs that are normally spent on office maintenance and paperwork.

Outsourcing internationalizes software development partner search and helps to attract great developers with desired set of skills and backgrounds. You will not have to hassle about time-consuming recruitment process and HR overhead, which will become your service provider’s responsibility.

Smart timing

You can significantly accelerate smart device development process when having remote software specialists working on your product. Furthermore, outsourcing companies normally have streamlined tasks and other specialists in place to assist you with the organizational issues. Increased flexibility will allow you to better allocate tasks, share responsibilities and meet deadlines.

Better prioritization

Outsourcing gives companies an opportunity to spend more time for effectively responding to smart home industry demands and changes. Your team will also focus more on smart appliance design and features instead of worrying about technical details. Let professionals do their work!

After giving a preference to outsourcing instead of having in-house developers, we recommend to focus on finding a reliable software partner. Consider the following checklist to minimize outsourcing-related risks and make sure you will get appropriate smart home software for your innovative device.

Carry out in-depth assessment

Modern outsourcing market is overloaded with service providers. You will have to thoroughly evaluate potential software development outsourcing partners to find the best fit for your company. Pay attention at vendors’ professional expertise and previous background that might be useful for your project. Never choose outsourcing partner based on the price only.

Cooperation format

Think about the client - vendor cooperation model that suits your project best. Among the most popular models are Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team, etc. Consider both advantages and disadvantages of each cooperation format before making a final decision and discuss it with your vendor. It is important that both sides understand terms of cooperation, project vision and deadlines.

Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing Benefits

Realistic expectations

Before searching for potential outsourcing partners, think about your smart appliance core values and goals. It is necessary to outline the project schedule in advance and document all requirements. If your team is having troubles with setting realistic expectations, try to answer three simple questions:

  • What kind of problem will your smart home software solve?
  • What are your company’s scope and budget? When do you want your smart appliance to be introduced to the market?
  • What is your smart device’s core value? How fast can it be achieved?

Trial period

It might be a good idea to offer a trial period or a short test for your new vendor before starting a full-fledged partnership. It will give your company an opportunity to see how an outsourcing team works and interacts with a client. Some companies also ask their vendors to develop project MVP if they are interested in extended trial periods.

Be active!

Outsourcing smart device software doesn’t mean you will instruct your service provider and disappear. As we have mentioned before, smart home software determines your future success in this fastly growing industry. Agile project management will allow your team to be constantly involved throughout the development process and keep a track of all important milestones. Thus, your decisions and requirements will become more realistic and effective.

Build strategic partnership

It is important to understand that the software development company you finally decide to work with will most probably become your strategic partner for the next couple of months or even years. Thus, both vendor and client should be interested in future smart device success and great functionality. Make sure to regularly discuss the project vision and long-term goals with your outsourcing partner. Remember, it is not all about the money you pay for the services. The most successful projects manage to build effective cooperation that goes beyond bills.

Why BBA?

Choosing an outsourcing partner is a great responsibility often connected to a number of risks. It is essential to act wisely and build partnership relationships with your provider basing on a shared product vision and responsibility. In this context the BBA team of experienced professionals can turn out to be a perfect business solution for your smart home device. Writing any line of code we always think about the client’s product in four ways — strategy, design, development and growth. Our PMs keep an extra eye on communications and regular reports on progress creating exclusive conditions for positive and effective partnership. The people of BBA clearly realize that smart home industry is a zone of ultimate disruption so we are totally ready to dive deep with you into any problem you meet while inventing your super device.

A well-organized outsourcing of BBA will broaden your team with the best international software developers and involve the most advanced techniques to achieve desired goals.

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