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Building a Mobile App Startup 101: What to Start With

Building a Mobile App Startup 101: What to Start With

Developing a mobile app is a rather easy challenge, but making this app demanded and successful is a much more serious task. Our FAQ is here to help you.

What to start with?

You have an idea, and this is great. Now, this idea must be validated. To do this, you can conduct the keyword research, build a landing page, make a promotional video, or simply build an MVP to discover how interesting your app will be for users. Validating an idea is crucial, as it mitigates risks.

Then, after you made sure that users need your product, you have to document your idea. Provide as many details as possible — in this way, your developers will clearly understand your idea and build exactly that product which you want to get. To document everything, you can use such wireframing tools as JustInMind or Axure RP. They exist in spades, so you won’t face any difficulties with finding a tool which will completely meet your needs.

When the documentation stage is over, take a closer look at the list of your app’s features. The first version of the application should have only core features — those ones which solve problems of your users! This trick can save your budget a bit and speed up your market entry. Other features, those ones which are simply nice to have, can be added later.

Is design important or is it one of those nice-to-have features?

Definitely, design is on the list of core features! It is not only about choosing colors and background pictures — it is about how your users are going to experience your application. So the design deserves as much attention as the development process itself.

How to choose a name for an app?

Feel free to be creative, but keep in mind these recommendations:

  • Use keywords and avoid general words
  • Don’t choose an extremely long name
  • Easy pronunciation is a must
  • The name has to comply with the design and logo
  • Don’t use too many capital letters — they can make a name look clumsy.

Is it better to hire an outsourced team or to develop an application in-house?

An outsourced team is a nice choice at the beginning, when you need to develop the first version of an app quickly. Later, when you see that the demand for your product exists, you can consider in-house development. Before starting looking for developers, check our guide on how to find true experts.

Is developing a cross-platform app a good idea?

It is definitely not the worst idea ever, but the thing is that such applications often have much more bugs than those ones developed for different platforms. Apart from this, cross-platform apps often fail to offer rich experience to users. The final decision is yours, don’t forget about these potential dangers.

How to submit an app to the stores?

To submit your mobile app to Google Play and Apple Store, it is essential to create developer accounts. All the instructions can be found on their websites. By the way, submitting your app to the store is not free — for instance, Google Play charges a registration fee, which is $25.

How to market a mobile application?

App store optimization (or ASO) is the most obvious step to complete, but it is also important to keep in touch with your users and have media publications and reviews from writers and bloggers.

Pay special attention to the users’ feedback — this strategy will not only help you to interact with your audience, but also keep you and your team informed of all the problems with the app. There are much more things to keep in mind, and you should start thinking about the marketing strategy in advance — check this article to discover more.

What is better: to offer an application for free or to make it paid?

This is a decision you have to make on your own, but we have still prepared several recommendations for you. So, the basic version of your mobile app can be free, but some extra features can be paid. Apart from this, consider in-app ads.

How much does it cost to develop an application?

We can’t give you an exact price — there are too many factors influencing it. The price depends on the development time, team, diverse app elements, post-release expenses, etc. You can spend $5,000, but the price of $150,000 is also possible. Everything depends on the complexity of your project and the features involved.

How to raise funds?

There are enough ways to raise funds for startup mobile apps: looking for sponsors, using crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, etc. However, remember that sponsors like validated ideas, so before starting looking for money check the first point of this article one more time.

Dealing with startup mobile apps can be complicated, but our FAQ won’t allow you to get lost or miss something important. And if you have more questions, you know where to find us. We would be pleased to answer all of them. For now, good luck with your startup — we are looking forward to your app to appear at the stores!

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