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A Desperate Battle You Shouldn’t Miss: Remote Teams vs People in Silicon Valley

A Desperate Battle You Shouldn’t Miss: Remote Teams vs People in Silicon Valley

A lot of people think that Silicon Valley is the best place to find the most experienced developers, and this thought was probably right some time ago. But things are changing, and nowadays it’s better to choose a remote team than to hire someone in Silicon Valley.

So why hiring a remote team is no worse than having people in Silicon Valley?

Fame and quality are different things

Just like Harley Davidson is a legendary brand for all bikers, Silicon Valley is a brand among developers and startuppers. But the brand is not the same as quality. It is not Silicon Valley that minimizes all potential risks, but experienced and reputable developers. And you can find them not only in Silicon Valley.

For instance, pay attention to European countries. Due to growing number of hubs and clusters, Europe can be easily called the new Silicon Valley. In Europe you can release an MVP, pivot several times, and develop a demanded product, while in Silicon Valley you will spend the same amount of money only on the release. And instead of improving this product, you will simply pray for its success. So why should you look for someone only in the USA?

“The next Google or Facebook will come from somewhere other than Silicon Valley.” — Niklas Zennstrom, a Swedish billionaire entrepreneur and a founding partner at Atomico

Some startups located in Silicon Valley also have remote teams. For instance, Rentberry, a company which makes lives of tenants and landlords easier, has an office in Kyiv, Ukraine. You see, it’s not essential to be a resident of Silicon Valley to be a part of a really successful project.

High cost can’t guarantee the quality

If you are going to hire someone at Silicon Valley, you should brace yourself for high expenses. Hiring a professional there may cost you a lot, and this is logical - a high price is driven by the market. However, there is no direct link between the quality and expenses.

“I would say Silicon Valley and New York have inflated salaries.” - Harper Reed, Head of Commerce at Braintree

A high cost is an indicator of a specialist’s experience and skills, but it is not able to guarantee the quality of the product. It’s also important to establish the optimal time frame, to follow the product roadmap… The task itself also must be assigned in the right way. These factors don’t depend on the high costs. Sure, hiring a remote team can’t guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with the result, but, at least, your budget won’t suffer that much.

Competition makes perfect

The market is very competitive nowadays, so it’s pretty hard for outsourcing companies to succeed or at least to stay afloat. That’s why most of them focus on several (or even one!) areas of expertise and do their best to become perfect in the business.

So what would you prefer: working with a remote team which already knows what to do or wasting time on looking for developers in Silicon Valley and hoping that they will be able to work as a team, meet the deadlines, and provide you with a product of high quality? If we were in your shoes, we would go for the first option. Such a strategy will save your time, budget, and nerves.

Loyalty matters

Silicon Valley is also an extremely competitive environment, but this doesn’t mean that you can go for the same scenario we described in the previous paragraph. Most of the developers from Silicon Valley already have jobs (or at least job offers), so it may be really difficult for you to employ them. You have to be better and more interesting than other companies, and this challenge can be hard to overcome, especially in case your company is a startup.

What is even more dangerous, it can be complicated to motivate a demanded developer from Silicon Valley to stay at your company. They can simply choose another offer instead of yours in case something goes wrong, and you will have to look for a new employee.

So, who is the winner?

Living and working in Silicon Valley is not the same as being talented, educated, experienced, punctual, and responsible. In essence, it means nothing except living and working in Silicon Valley. This place is just a brand losing its position since more and more companies choose hiring remote teams.

Let’s take a look at the average salaries to make the difference more visible. For instance, the average annual salary of a Ukrainian developer is around $25,000, while a developer from Silicon Valley can request over $120,000 per year, and even more. And these numbers don’t mean that developers from Ukraine are worse than those ones from Silicon Valley - they only mean that in Ukraine for $120,000 you can get much more work accomplished.

Sure, you can still choose Silicon Valley and find great developers there, but there is an easier and more reliable way to hire true professionals. You will have to spend some time searching for candidates, checking their skills and experience, conducting interviews, and so on. But the result is worth all the efforts.

Hiring a remote team is the best option nowadays, while Silicon Valley is gradually turning into an overestimated bait for those who are out of the picture. But you have read our article, so you are not like others. Make a wise choice, and good luck with looking for developers!

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