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7 Tips on How to Find an App Developer of Your Dream

7 Tips on How to Find an App Developer of Your Dream

There are more than enough people calling themselves app developers, so finding a really good specialist can take a lot of time. It’s essential to keep in mind a lot of things, and all of them are very important. But no worries, you won’t get lost. We are here to help you.

1. Choose your target

First of all, decide who you want to hire. Would you like to cooperate with an app development company or a freelancer? Hiring a freelance developer is usually cheaper, but it may not work in case your project is too big. Hiring several freelance developers may also become a problem since you will have to make them work together. Actually, cooperation with a company is probably the best choice, but if you still want to hire a freelancer, check such services as Upwork, Indeed, Linkedin, and others. In case you consider outsourcing, check the most popular locations. They are Ukraine, Poland, India, the UK, and North America.

2. Be practical, but not greedy

Keep in mind that hiring a developer from another country can save your budget a bit. For instance, one hour of a developer from North America may cost somewhere around $150, while a specialist from Ukraine may charge $50 per hour. But don’t be greedy — your app’s quality is more important than its cost. Sure, you can hire someone with very low rates, but what if the outcome won’t satisfy you? You will have to start your “find an app developer” quest again, so in the end, you won’t really save a lot of money. You can even pay more.

3. Skills matter

That’s a pretty obvious thing, but we will still mention it — look for developers with appropriate skills. You won’t look for an Android specialist if you want to develop an app exclusively for iOS gadgets, won’t you? Besides, pay attention to your potential developer’s experience. It would be great if your candidate worked with similar projects before. For example, your project is related to IoT industry. This means that your future developer should be an expert in connectivity and interoperability.

4. Check the portfolio

Okay, you have just found a candidate with appropriate experience and skills. Now check the portfolio. Spend a bit of your precious time on downloading and testing those apps which your candidate has already developed. Pay attention both to design and functionality, and don’t forget to check the users’ feedback. If you choose not a freelance developer, but a company, take a look at its website. A poorly designed website is just like a huge banner saying something like “Don’t hire us! We can’t even design our own site!”.

One more thing — if a developer included the code in the portfolio, show it to a person who can evaluate its quality. This has direct impact on your future expenses for scalability and code maintenance.

5. Beware of frauds

Let’s face the truth — sometimes it’s pretty hard to distinguish a good developer from a fraud. Portfolio, feedback, and recommendations from other clients can help a lot, but here are some phrases you should remember. If you hear them, it’s probably better to start looking for another developer right now:

  • “No worries, there is no need to sign a contract!”
  • “You should pay the full amount in advance.”
  • “Do you need your app to be ready in four weeks? Come on, I need only two days!”

This list is not full, so please, stay vigilant. A dishonest developer and a really good app are two entirely different camps.

6. Stay in touch

In case you go for outsourcing, make sure that you will have no problems with communication. Will it be easy for your to reach your developer? Do you have a language barrier? And what’s about your potential developer’s time zone? Problems with communication may result in problems with your app.

There are enough tools to deal with the language barrier, however, it’s better to find a developer who speak the same language as you. In this case, you will avoid any misunderstanding. And regarding different time zones… This can be a problem only if you want your developer to be available during your working hours.

7. Look for a long-term collaboration

To make your app perfect, you will have to get feedback from your clients and, probably, to add or to remove certain features. So it’s not enough to find an app developer for a one-time job — you need a specialist who will stay with you during the whole lifecycle of the app. Make sure that your developer is motivated to work with you for a long time.

What’s about the budget?

Sorry, but we can’t tell you the exact price — there are too many things to consider. But we have prepared a small table for you, so that it will be easier to choose at least the country.

Country Average salary of a developer per year
Ukraine $24,824
Canada $50,252
The USA $92,240
Germany $57,345
The UK $59,268
Australia $53,721
Finland $47,145

Location matters, but skills and experience of your future developer will also have an impact on your expenses. And just to remind you, we have already given you a tip on how to save a bit. Remember? Great. But be thrifty within reason.

A short pep talk for seekers


Source: Statista

According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users is forecasted to reach around 2.87 billion in 2020. Just imagine how demanded your application can become in case you entrust its development to a real professional (or professionals).

We know, things look pretty complicated. You have to find a proper candidate, to evaluate his portfolio, to make sure that you don’t pay too much… But don’t worry. Just be careful and follow our tips. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman probably don’t exist, but perfect developers are real, and you can find them. Good luck, and may the patience be with you!

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