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3 Must Have Mobile App Animations And Ways To Implement Them

3 Must Have Mobile App Animations And Ways To Implement Them

With so much effort, time and money put into the development of your app, be ready to perceive that people may underrate it. For example, did you know that 63% of apps are abandoned within 30 days after installment? Yeah, it’s getting tougher to continuously engage users, so you have to use all the tricks to keep them on board: from different types of push notifications to amusing app animations.

Let Animation Talk For Your App

Forget the time people admired apps just for their functionality. Today, it has to be combined with the excellent experience and impression from a certain product to get “likes”. Your task is to bridge the gap between people and software, building strong connections with the real, offline world with the help of relevant technologies. To make this interaction flawless, supplement static screens with mobile app animation. Human nature is visually-driven, yet inspired by beauty and style, so mobile animation will help your app communicate with users on a decent level.

Catchy animation provides your app with a feel of liveliness and responsiveness, bundling functional purpose, entertaining capabilities and brand’s value. However, there’s a fine line between being helpful and distracting. You need to design useful animations that will guide users through your app’s logic instead of confusing them. That’s why we comprised the list of best-performing mobile app animations that will solve your app’s functional problems and breathe life into the app-to-user interaction.

1. Smooth Transition And Spatial Orientation

It may be confusing for users to move between displays that have no connection. So, if you need to transfer them between navigational contexts, make sure you add animated transitions.

App consumers should not lose orientation in any situation, and if there’s a need to introduce new information or apply different UI states, support these changes visually. Help users to build and comprehend mental spatial maps with an easy-to-use interface.


A concept for a payment app by Barthelemy Chavlet

2. Visual Feedback

Interaction with app pages or icons should recall interaction with real-world, physical objects. When we push, swing or turn things — they respond, the same responsiveness is expected from the activity with apps.

Visual feedback gives users a sense of control over the interface and actions happening on it, imitating direct manipulations. This control means understanding that an app is working properly and the desired action is in progress. To reach such an effect, your designers may utilize various maneuvers: enlarge or shrink buttons, change colours, make icons move when users swipe or gradually vanish upon “delete” requests.


3. System Status

As you cater to users that are always on the go - and likely with no extra second to waste - keep in mind that they hate when apps freeze. You have to make them enjoy waiting during the ongoing processes and provide with visual signs of actions progressing, like pull-to-refresh or loading animation. It will not remove the problem itself but at least users won’t be freaked out as much and wait more patiently. It’s also good to make these animated indicators custom and transmitting your brand’s voice.


A work by Hoang Nguyen

Tools To Implement Mobile App Animation

It won’t take a while to add animations to your app. With the help of Android documentation you’ll learn how to code layout transitions and create custom animations. Here’s a short guide to the iOS app animation development with the help of UIViewPropertyAnimator.

We can also recommend libraries like Animate.css, Bounce.js, AnimeJS, DynCSS, Velocity.js and Hover.CSS. One more amazing tool is Lottie, an open-source iOS, Android and React Native library to build catchy mobile app animations.

To Wrap It Up

App animation is no longer a visual luxury, it’s a necessity in today’s competitive environment and a great chance to showcase your brand’s identity. If you struggle to choose types of animation for your app, don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below. We’ll be happy to lend you our helping hand and share best practices in creating entertaining and effective effects.

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