Building apps for iOS, Android and IoT: best practices

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Best Open Source Android Frameworks to Reinforce Your Mobile Development in 2018

Even though Android users control the lion share of a mobile OS market, you still need to battle for their attention. The only way to win over the majority of Android enthusiasts is to provide them with a top-notch application.

10 Lessons on How to Develop a Really Hot Social App

Here is a set of tips & tricks on how to make a social media app, avoid numerous dangerous traps, and succeed with it.

A Starting Guide for Ambitious Mobile App Strategists

Things seem to be simple: you hire a developer or even a team of developers, wait until they provide you with a required mobile application, and… Success? Not really. Sure, it’s still possible, but software development is something more than blind sticking to the requirements. Requirements are essential, but the strategy is extremely important too.

Top Tech Trends in Mobile App Development That Will Help You Drive More Clients in 2018

Reaching prospects has never been easier — you can deliver offers and tailored content directly to consumers’ pockets through your custom mobile application. But what about converting them into loyal customers?

A Non-Anonymous Guide to the World of Anonymous Social Apps

What things to keep in mind when building an anonymous app? And what’s about diverse tips and tricks?

How Social Apps Evolve and Why They Won’t Go Extinct Like Dinosaurs

eMarketer says that the global number of social network users is only increasing. In 2012 it was 1.4 billion, and in 2017 - 2.46. It is estimated, that this figure will reach 3.02 billion in 2021.

Top App Analytics Comparison to Make Your Business More Profitable

Each day thousands of mobile apps are pushed live to Play Market and App Store. Being the forerunner by the number of downloads is not enough today if you can’t keep your users interested.

7 Tips on How to Find an App Developer of Your Dream

There are more than enough people calling themselves app developers, so finding a really good specialist can take a lot of time. It’s essential to keep in mind a lot of things, and all of them are very important. But no worries, you won’t get lost. We are here to help you.

Top 5 JavaScript Tools to Build your Next Product

For years, JavaScript remains one of the most popular programming languages for web and keeps holding its positions in the TOP 10 lists by IBM, TIOBE and other companies.

Software Development for BLE Devices

Developing mobile software for BLE devices has its own pitfalls and secrets. Below are a few top insights we have gather from our three-year experience of creating mobile applications operating with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

A Desperate Battle You Shouldn’t Miss — Remote Teams vs People in Silicon Valley

A lot of people think that Silicon Valley is the best place to find the most experienced developers, and this thought was probably right some time ago. But things are changing, and nowadays it’s better to choose a remote team than to hire someone in Silicon Valley.

Essential Software Development Hints IoT Startup Should Follow

Often, IoT startups focus on ensuring the highest quality of hardware for their products. Software remains barely attended to, though it’s what users evaluate most in their reviews.

Top 5 tools for iOS development to learn in 2017

With almost 2,5M apps available for download on the App Store, it’s no wonder iOS developers keep releasing handy open source libraries to make their life easier. Some of them are really astounding and may not only appear to be useful for your needs but also optimize or even supplement your existing solution with additional useful functionality.

Top 6 Tools for Cutting-edge Android Development 2017

Android development is one of the core specialties of Brainbean Apps, so here are the 6 tools we use in literally every single Android project. While some of them remain popular in 2017 just because there is no alternative, number 6 is definitely expected to be a hit of the year.

9 Secret Growth Tactics for Mobile Socialization Platform Startups

Whatever great might be your team, your idea and its realization, if you can’t achieve the exponential growth of your product’s user base, your startup has all chances to fail.

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