Building apps for iOS, Android and IoT: best practices

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How to Assemble a Perfect Team For Your Smart Device Project

A professional team is a key to your smart device project success. Keep reading to learn what experts you will need to have on your side.

Creating an App With Maps: a Few Tips And a Shortcut

Developing an app with maps can be very time- and effort-consuming, but we know how to take a shortcut. Keep reading to discover more.

How to Help Your Software and Hardware Teams Become Friends

Misunderstanding is a way to failure, but our tips will help you establish perfect communication between your software and hardware teams.

How Not to Build a Smart Device If You Want To Meet Your Deadline and Budget

There are numerous traps hiding in the process of building a smart gadget. Learn everything about them to finish your device on time.

Deliver Food Under Better Sauce: a Complete Guide to Building a Superb Food Delivery App

Searching for a complete guide on building a flawless food delivery app? Here it is, everything you need to know before starting the development.

The Iterative Design Approach: Why and How to Use

Are you looking for a reliable way to improve your product? Then try the iterative design approach! To learn more, check our article.

6 Steps to Do Before Code and Design Modernization

Has your product already been launched? Now it’s time for modernization! Our article will tell you how to do it in the right way.

Manufacturing IoT Devices in China: Pros and Cons

Do you consider China as a place to manufacture your IoT gadgets? Read our article first and learn the pros and cons of production in China.

How to Collect and Process Customers’ Feedback

Do you want your product to succeed? Then consider your users’ opinion! Our article will tell you how to do this in the right way.

4 Steps to Launch a Product If You’re Too Busy

Your software partner can help not only with building an MVP! Read our article to discover what other assistance you can count on.

UX Research: Reasons to Perform, Stages to Complete

Good software requirements can save your time and money. But how? And are there any other benefits? Find out in our article!

Add Value to Your IoT Products: Transform Consumer Data into Business Advantage

Learn how to transform consumer data into a business advantage to deliver personalized and customized user experiences.

10 Best IoT Platforms For You Next Smart Project

Choosing the right IoT platform is a critical, yet complex decision when developing a smart device. Here’s the help.

How to Build Navigation App: Exclusive Experience and Useful Tips to Save Your Time and Money

How to save time and money building a navigation app but deliver a top-notch product at the same time? Check our experience and tips:

Know Your Customers: Why It Is Important and How to Do This

Without customer portraits, you will most likely miss your audience and fail to market your product right. Read on to avoid this problem.

4 Reasons Not to Underestimate Software Requirements

Good software requirements can save your time and money. But how? And are there any other benefits? Find out in our article!

Designing the Architecture Of Your Mobile Product: 4 Patterns To Choose Among In 2018

A neatly built architecture of your mobile project lies in the core of a powerful app. But which architectural pattern to choose?

Top 7 IoT Events For 2019

Learn top 7 IoT events for 2019 to boost your business, find new partners, and simply get some exposure for your IoT product.

How to Build a First-Rate Restaurant Ordering Application

Digital age dictates new rules for a service sector, and food ordering app for restaurants are a must today. Learn how to make it perfect:

Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration: Which Method To Choose In 2018

Payment gateway integration in an app is no longer a luxury, it’s a demand of today’s world. We prepared some implementation tips for you:

Choosing a Communication Protocol for a Connected Device: Should You Consider Anything Else Than WiFi?

Make smart devices talk with each other by choosing a perfect communication protocol for smooth connectivity.

3 Stages of Market Research: How to Complete Them Right

Without the right market research, your product has a high chance of failure. Check our article to learn how to avoid this situation.

Raise Money Like a Pro: 6 Ultimate Tips on Crowdfunding

A cool video can increase your chance of success at a crowdfunding site. To discover the details and to learn more tricks, read the article!

5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your App on a Regular Basis

Any app must be updated, but the thing is that these updates should be done on a regular basis. Why? Here we have 5 answers for you.

Our 8 Tricks On Creating a Project Roadmap With No Dead Ends

Are you struggling to create a project roadmap? Check our article to learn 8 useful tricks on dealing with this challenge in the right way!

3 Must Have Mobile App Animations And Ways To Implement Them To Create an Engaging App

It’s getting more tough to continuously engage users, and mobile app animation will play a great role in keeping them on board.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Your App? (Yes, One More Guide to Help you Find it Out)

If you want a ballpark figure, it's $35k (find out why in this post). If you want an exact estimation, just talk to us.

The Anatomy Of the App Designing Process

Designing an app is a complex task consisting of 4 stages. Read our article to miss none of them and to discover your role in this process!

Non-Standard Source Code Management Tools to Try in 2018

2018 dictates new demands for the software development lifecycle. Choose the right source code management tool using this crib sheet.

A Healthy Instruction on Fitness App Development

Are you thinking of developing a fitness app? Then check our guide to build a really healthy application without any bad habits!

8 Things Which Can Kill Your App Description

Are you going to spoil your app description? Then check our guide — we have prepared a list of 8 murder weapons!

7 Types of Push Notifications to Keep Users Engaged Without Annoying Them

7 types of push notifications are a powerful attention-grabbing instrument that can increase your app’s engagement and retention rates.

How to Turn a Website into an App: Top 3 Painless Methods

85% of users favour apps over websites, so going mobile is a must today. Check out three ways to make the site->app transition as smooth as possible.

A Bunch of Smart Tips on Building a Smart Home App

Success of a smart home app is based on 3 aspects, and you may have already missed one of them. Check our tips to save the situation.

Gamifying a Mobile App: Benefits, Dangers, and a Bit of Psychology

When and why should you gamify your application? How does it work? Why does it have a positive effect on user engagement? Find out here.

Building a Mobile App Startup 101: What to Start With

A to Z: find out the very basic things about mobile app startups if you are considering building one.

How to Convert Android App to iOS With Minimum Loss and Maximum Profit

iOS users are more active online and eager to spend more on in-app purchases. Enter the new market by converting your Android app to an iOS one.

Hiring a Mobile Development Team: What To Expect And How To Manage The Workflow?

Uncover the most important aspects you should consider when hiring an outsource team for developing your app.

How Smart Home Apps Are Conquering the World and Why It Is Time to Join the Trend

Have a smart home app idea? Learn why 2018 is the best time to start turning it to life.

Gaining First Users For a New Social App – How to Avoid Sufferings and Failure

Attracting first users to an absolutely new social app is always a challenge, but we can help you out: check our detailed guide to miss nothing.

Cheatsheet for Successful Mobile Application Testing – 6 Useful Aspects You Can’t Ignore Building Android or iOS Apps

Bookmark and follow this cheatsheet to make sure you mobile application works properly whatever happens.

Have an Idea for a Social App? Here are 10 Reasons Why It’s Time to Turn It Into a Reality

Are you waiting for the right time to build and launch your social app? The right time is right now, and we have 10 striking arguments to prove this to you. 

How to Interact With Your Social App Development Team and Not to Fail

If you’re building a social app, you should know managing the development team behind it has its best practices. Let’s look at them.

Best Open Source Android Frameworks to Reinforce Your Mobile Development in 2018

Following our post about our core Android development tools, here a few frameworks we find useful when it comes to a few usual yet specific tasks.

10 Lessons on How to Develop a Really Hot Social App

Save this checklist to be sure your future social app will win the hearts of your future users and reach the top positions of the store charts.

A Starting Guide for Ambitious Mobile App Strategists

Building an app with a strategy obviously increases your chances to succeed. But how to come up with a proper strategy for your app? Read on to find out.

Top Tech Trends in Mobile App Development That Will Help You Drive More Clients in 2018

Reaching prospects has never been easier — you can deliver offers and tailored content directly to consumers’ pockets through your custom mobile application. But what about converting them into loyal customers?

A Non-Anonymous Guide to the World of Anonymous Social Apps

Anonymous social apps remain one of the today’s most appealing trends. If you have an idea of such an app, this guide will tell you how to bring it to life.

How Social Apps Evolve and Why They Won’t Go Extinct Like Dinosaurs

Thinking about building a new social app? Go on, the market has been waiting for new players for some time already and offers many new opportunities.

Top App Analytics Comparison to Make Your Business More Profitable

To help you keep your app ahead of the competition, we compared the platforms for mobile app analytics that we find most useful as of 2018.

7 Tips on How to Find an App Developer of Your Dream

The demand for experienced developers today is high. To avoid hiring a guy who won’t cope with your challenges, make sure you follow these 7 simple tips.

Top 5 JavaScript Tools to Build your Next Product

If you’re choosing a JavaScript framework/library for the front-end part of your project, here are top 5 tools our experts prefer to use in their everyday work.

Software Development for BLE Devices

Building a consumer electronics device? Probably, it will connect with users’ smartphones via BLE. But mastering it requires practice we share in this post.

A Desperate Battle You Shouldn’t Miss — Remote Teams vs People in Silicon Valley

Developers in Silicon Valley are probably the most valued guys in their industry. But are they the best candidates when it comes to building your own product?

Essential Software Development Hints IoT Startup Should Follow

Get our FREE PDF ebook containing the most valuable and practical tips on how to be on the safe side with your IoT product’s software.

Top 5 tools for iOS development to learn in 2017

It’s boring to code iOS apps using Swift/Objective-C only. Here are five unconventional tools we enjoy using in our everyday development practices.

Top 6 Tools for Cutting-edge Android Development 2017

At Brainbean Apps, it takes only six tools to deliver even the most complicated Android apps. Moreover,

9 Secret Growth Tactics for Mobile Socialization Platform Startups

Get our FREE PDF ebook to find out nine most effective real-life practices of successful social networking services that will help you attract new audiences.
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