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9 Secret Growth Tactics for Mobile Socialization Platform Startups

Whatever great might be your team, your idea and its realization, if you can’t achieve the exponential growth of your product’s user base, your startup has all chances fail.

Top 6 Tools we Use for Cutting-edge Android Development In 2017 ⭐

Android development is one of the core specialties of Brainbean Apps, so here are the 6 tools we use in literally every single Android project. While some of them remain popular in 2017 just because there is no alternative, number 6 is definitely expected to be a hit of the year.

Top 5 tools for iOS development to learn in 2017 ✨

With almost 2,5M apps available for download on the App Store, it’s no wonder iOS developers keep releasing handy open source libraries to make their life easier. Some of them are really astounding and may not only appear to be useful for your needs but also optimize or even supplement your existing solution with additional useful functionality.

11 Essential Software Development Hints Every IoT Startup Should Follow

Often, IoT startups focus on ensuring the highest quality of hardware for their products. Software remains barely attended to, though it’s what users evaluate most in their reviews.

Software Development for BLE Devices: Best Practices

Developing mobile software for BLE devices has its own pitfalls and secrets. Below are a few top insights we have gather from our three-year experience of creating mobile applications operating with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Top 5 JavaScript Tools to Build your Next Product With in 2017 ⭐

For years, JavaScript remains one of the most popular programming languages for web and keeps holding its positions in the TOP 10 lists by IBM, TIOBE and other companies.

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