To ensure clear, constructive and smooth partnership

Start with a two-week trial period to see if we fit each other.

If everything goes fine, we’ll invoice you according to the Time and Material model. Then we decide on the engagement option that fits you best and proceed with your project.

Otherwise, we can suspend our partnership without any further obligations.


To dig out the reasons why something goes wrong

Get detailed code review by an expert.

After audit, we’ll tell you:

  • what troubles your app has in its architecture and realization and when they might cause undesirable consequences
  • if the existing code is eligible for further use and what problems might potentially arise in the future if you plan to add more functionality or scale your user base
  • what it may take to get your app fixed or refactored if necessary

The report will include all the details on the found issues and our recommendations on how to address them.


To enhance the best practices and help you stand out

Meet your users’ wants with user-centered evidence-based design.

Depending on your product, UX research may include studies to learn your target audience, data gathering and analysis for confident design decisions, experience validation techniques and many more practices for ensuring the right UX strategy for your product.


To help you forecast your ROI and profit

Get all the details you need to have a business plan for your product.

We’ll leverage our domain experience and development expertise to assess your goals and help you design your product roadmap, plan updates and next releases based on user feedback, define your core business value and pick the best monetization model if needed.


To bring your idea to market in the shortest terms

Ensure maximum return on investments.

For us, Agile is not just another trendy methodology, but the only right way to launch a minimum viable product and help you generate revenue as quickly as possible. With a proper roadmap, your product will get gradually improved and updated not before, but while being available for users.


To secure your investments and to sustain your business growth

Work with a partner you can trust and rely on.

With Brainbean Apps, you can be sure your product will be supported throughout its development cycle and after its release. Whether you’ll want us to maintain, update or improve it, we’ll be at your service. Warranty is provided according to the previously agreed contract.


To establish the most productive partnership.

Make your investments pay off.

Based on your needs and expectations, we can offer Time and Material, Fixed Price and Dedicated Team engagement models. After project evaluation, we’ll help you make the right choice and spend your budget wisely.


You pay only for time and materials our team spend on working on your project during a certain period (usually 2 weeks).

The scheme is flexible: we roughly estimate the scope, assign developers to work on the project and proceed with the implementation. Under this approach, new features can be added along the road, priorities can be rearranged - i.e. you have more control over the project advance.

best for:

Lean startups, flexible or unclear requirements, short-term R&D projects.


You hire a team of specialists for a monthly fee and plan its work at your full disposal.

For example, you buy 1 iOS developer, 2 Android developers, 0.3 QA specialist and 0.3 Project Manager, for, say, a quarter, and during this quarter this allocated team devotes strictly specified amount of time to your project.

best for:

Sophisticated businesses, predictable costs, long-term R&D projects.

Fixed Price

You buy a project “turn key”. We analyze the requirements, thoroughly calculate the amount of time (and money) needed to implement all the features, request any resources we find necessary (UI, texts, more detailed feature descriptions, etc.). After that we “freeze” the scope, define milestones and proceed until the project is complete according to those initial requirements.

No scope adjustments or new feature requests are possible under this scheme. Bug fixing is included.

best for:

Small projects, clear strict requirements and objectives, limited time or budget.

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