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Why BBA?

Brainbean Apps (BBA) is a full-cycle software company with a core expertise in building full-fledged digital projects in the domains of Internet of Things, Maps & Navigation and Business Automation

Domain expertise

  • Smart devices<br/>/Customer IoT

    Smart devices
    /Customer IoT

    We create software infrastructure for sophisticated devices, such as smart home appliances, smart accessories, health&fitness gadgets. Our expertise includes firmware and software development, engineering connectivity between smart devices, cloud solutions and many more.
  • Commercial IoT

    Commercial IoT

    Our IoT cross-disciplinary expertise helps us build device-enabled software solutions for business environments like office and administration buildings, retail, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, shared spaces and warehouses, including those that have specific needs for deployment.
  • Industrial IoT

    Industrial IoT

    In BBA, we focus on IoT-powered implementation for factory manufacturing, production automation, access control and management of the industrial objects. We work closely with industrial facilities to enhance the processes and digitalise the workflow.
  • Maps and Navigation

    Maps and Navigation

    BBA works with maps, navigation and tracking since 2012. Being the exclusive customisation partner to OsmAnd - one of the world’s most advanced navigation engines, BBA is responsible for developing map-enabled software for logistics, transportation, tracking, travel and outdoor activities.
  • Business Automation

    Business Automation

    Automated processes for small and medium businesses, particularly data connectivity, is one of the core verticals for BBA. We can either customise our internal know-hows or develop custom solutions to help your business become connected and reduce overheads on processes.


  • Cross-disciplinary expertise

    Cross-disciplinary expertise

    Capable of handling forefront R&D projects thanks to the knowledge base accumulated in the domains of IoT, Navigation and Business Automation.
  • 90% estimation accuracy

    90% estimation accuracy

    Оne of the most detailed product-to-market path estimations on the market that includes technology recommendations, team set-up, etc.
  • Engineers, not coders

    Engineers, not coders

    A team with deep industry knowledge that allows to shape the product to the market fit.
  • Hassle-free trial

    Hassle-free trial

    Two week trial period to make sure we fit each other.
  • Transparent workflow and roadmapping

    Transparent workflow and roadmapping

    Possibility to see how we progress through the project roadmap via our management tools get daily and weekly status updates


  • 4+
    years on the market
  • 40+
    members in the team
  • 30
    completed projects
    and counting
  • Top wearable app developers 2019
  • Top B2B companies Estonia 2019
  • Mobileapp Developers
  • Kyiv IT cluster - honorary member


  • January 2017

    smart devices, smart home, home appliances


    smart devices, smart home, home appliances


    Switchmate is an out-of-hub ecosystem of smart home devices, such as home lighting, cameras, doorbell, power sockets that can be controlled by user remotely from the app, and is easily established via a quick do-it-yourself installation.

  • February 2018

    Business Intelligence


    Business Intelligence

    Email Analytics

    Email Analytics is a real-time analytics tool for corporate Gmail accounts that helps organisations track the team’s email performance, analyse productivity, and gather the key team’s metrics on the comprehensive dashboards.

  • February 2012

    Maps and Navigation


    Maps and Navigation


    OsmAnd is a global map viewing and navigation engine for online and offline OSM maps with the highest detalisation and feature set in the world, which makes OsmAnd a base for specialised outdoor activities, logistics, transport software solutions.

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  • Switchmate Case Study: From Separate Smart Lighting Solutions To Multi-device Home Ecosystem

    Switchmate Case Study: From Separate Smart Lighting Solutions To Multi-device Home Ecosystem

    The article is a case study about how BBA helped a small startup fixated on smart switches and sockets to grew up into an out-of-hub ecosystem of smart home devices.
  • Major Mistakes to Avoid When Going to a Smart Device Category

    Major Mistakes to Avoid When Going to a Smart Device Category

    Developing an IoT product often resembles walking through a minefield, where one wrong step can cause numerous problems or even collapse.


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